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The Challenges the VA Faces Delivering Quality Eye Care for Veterans are Met Head-On with iViews Imaging, LLC

The Veterans Administration is making changes and working with iViews Imaging Systems, LLC and providing better outcomes for our Veterans, especially when it comes to eye-care and vision.

iViews Imaging Systems, LLC, is applying its vision and technology while providing a one-stop imaging solution that brings Veterans and Ophthalmologists together. iViews Imaging System offers a unique collaboration system that expedites the sharing of images and diagnostic reports amongst experts when it comes to patient data.  The data is gathered with familiar instruments most people have seen during an eye exam.  These record data images and reveal the inner workings of the eye.  These images work efficiently with the CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) and with iViews Imaging System.  Instantly, information can be accessed so that in seconds, experts know about patient’s eyes and health. 


“The effectiveness of iViews Imaging System is clear and immediate. Our system is seamless in assisting eye care specialists across the country, by providing imaging that reveals the physiology of the eye.  By having all data in one place, doctors are more efficient and are providing better outcomes for all eye care patients,” says founder, Paul Chace III.


The Miami Veterans Administration is providing Veterans with efficient diagnoses and solutions for their vision challenges.  iViews Imaging System improves the efficiency and patient flow in the clinic and the retinal viewing software makes comparison studies very easy to analyze.  Wait times are less and time to get Veterans through the Miami clinic has dropped significantly, says Chace.  


The CPRS and VistA (Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture) connects VA doctors across the country so they can view any test, from any piece of equipment from a single computer in the eye lane.  The information accessed through iViews Imaging Systems allows eye care specialists to review patient data and images, review eye health and plan next steps for treatment.


“The iViews Imaging System has allowed us to access any and all imaging and auxiliary testing for the patient without leaving the exam room, which has greatly improved clinic efficiency. The software makes it possible to compare images from different clinic visits – on the same screen – improving patient care while serving as a great teaching tool for both patients and residents, “ says Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Vitreoretinal Specialist Chief of Ophthalmology Ninel Gregori, MD.


Call us today for more information at 877-734-8393. 

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