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JAMA Experts’ November Abstract Discusses the Importance of Connecting Imaging with Data and Demographics When it comes to Eye Care for Cataract Patients

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iViews Imaging System, LLC, founder, Paul Chace, III, weighs in on providing seamless workflow and combining imaging and data in one place so Ophthalmologists can treat and manage cataract patients resulting in better outcomes when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

November 30, 2015—Dunedin, FL -- In the November issue of JAMA Ophthalmology, an abstract addresses achieving better outcomes for cataract patients as the goal of Ophthalmologists across the globe.  Since cataract surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the world, a new proposed minimum standard set of outcome measures for cataract surgery have been proposed to include global comparisons. *

In the article, ‘A Proposed Minimum Standard Set of Outcome Measures for Cataract Surgery,’ a working group of international experts in cataract outcomes and registries convened, to agree on outcome measures for cataract surgery. *


Acclaimed MD’s, MPH’s, Ph.D.’s and MS’s from Cambridge, San Francisco to Brussels, Perth and London and more, conferred to establish a standard set of preoperative metrics that include data such as patient risk factors, intraoperative factors that include surgical complications and postoperative cataract surgery outcomes. 

“According to the article, what cataract surgeons want is to combine data and imaging on a global level and include demographics, ocular history, and comorbidities, along with preoperative and patient-reported visual function,” says the founder of iViews Imaging Systems, LLC, Paul Chace, III.


These doctors are looking to set a standard that encompasses all patients treated for cataracts by 1 of 4 surgical approaches.  At iViews Imaging Systems, LLC, this nearly decade old company provides an advanced viewing system allowing for diagnostic reviewing through the application process on devices, wherever imaging and reports are needed, for review.  Our concise medical informatics application is an excellent solution that can be tailored to suit international experts, their practices and set the industry standard for caring for their cataract patients, says Chace.


“Once images are sent through our iViews Imaging System, all images and PDF’s are available for viewing in iViews.  Also, our imaging database allows many different visuals for viewing, such as multiple dates, serial analysis, side by side, animated or non-animated.  All patient imaging can be printed, bulk exported and with or without patient demographics.  iViews Imaging System has exactly what these doctors want and need, and we can provide it in-house or in the cloud,” says Chace.

Discover the possibilities in simplifying workflows to create better outcomes for eye care patients across the globe. USA call 877-734-8393 or outside the USA 727-734-8393. 

Source: A Proposed Minimum Standard Set of Outcome Measures for Cataract Surgery, November 2015, JAMA Ophthalmology



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