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iViews is a unique image display, sharing, and storage tool that stands alone from your EMR system.  It is not “brand” dependent and liberates a client from having images trapped in an EMR—often low resolution.  We run it easily in the background of my EMR desktop.  I’m the network administrator at my office, and I like having iViews on a separate server or in the Cloud.  It is much easier to back-up images in this central location, than on individual devices, and this allows much easier transition to other EMRs.  iViews has been stable as a rock for 15 years, and their customer support has proven to be fast and reliable.  Everyone in our industry knows what it’s like to wait forever for support.  iViews has been an invaluable partner of ours.  

— William “Chip” Richardson, MD Kentucky

“Our iViews setup and installation was remarkably smooth. We were prepared with the appropriate tools and knowledge from the beginning. We were able to solve a constant staffing headache in our test department simply by alleviating staff time spent on scanning and physically running test results to the physicians. Time is so valuable in a busy practice, and iViews gave us almost ten hours a week.”


— Colleen Naughton, Director of Support Service, Midwest Eye Care P.C

“The IVIEWS software has allowed us to access any and all imaging and auxiliary testing for the patient without leaving the exam room, which has greatly improved clinic efficiency. The software makes it possible to compare images from different clinic visits on the same screen, improving patient care and serving as a great teaching tool for the patients and the residents. ”

— Ninel Gregori, MD

“The new IVIEWS system has been absolutely excellent at improving the efficiency and patient flow in our clinic. The retinal viewing software makes comparison studies very easy to analyze and the amount of time it takes to get patients through the clinic has dropped significantly. Being able to view any test done from any piece of equipment from a single computer in the eye lane makes patient education and data analysis much easier, and the VISTA/DICOM component of the software makes the ever-evolving concept of paperless eye care a reality in the VA system.”

— William Prunty, OD, FAAO

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